Way after the beginning

You’ll notice, I’m sure, that this post is quite a bit of time after the previous one.  Yeah, I’m not very good at blogging.  Or rather I’m not very good at making time to blog.  Once I sit down and start writing, I do actually enjoy the process.  But when I get home from work most days I just want to eat some dinner, watch some TV (or read a book or play some video games), and relax a bit.  Writing is work.  🙂

Enough of my excuses, though.  On to some updates on what I’ve been doing since my first post back in March.  I think I’ll split the next couple of posts up.  I’ll do this for two reasons: one, to give the illusion that I was writing these as they happened; two, to try to get myself in the habit of writing something every day (or at least every other day).  Hopefully I can get a blogging habit going.

Well, when I last left you we were starting to soak the seeds, getting them ready to go into their seed trays.  The soaking took about 10 days or so.  Once they were done (a very, very small shoot coming out of the seeds) we started putting them in their trays.  This was done using the below machine:

First we take an empty tray with a bit of newspaper on the bottom.  Run it through the machine, which using that huge bag of dirt (you can see it hovering above it in the above picture) will fill the tray with dirt.  Then we stack the trays for the time we run it through to put the seeds in.

We filled up about 720 trays this year.  After filling them up with dirt, and once the seeds were ready, we would put the trays back through the machine to plant the seeds and put a thin layer of dirt over the seeds.  Once they were finished the trays would be placed in an incubator where the temp was kept at about 30ish degrees Celsius for 3 days.


The incubator could hold about 240 trays, so we ended up doing this 3 times over the course of 2 or so weeks.  Once the trays were done in the incubator, showing small spouts coming up from the dirt, we’d move the trays to a greenhouse where they would grow to their full planting size.  That took an extra 2 weeks.  We finished up around the end of April with 720 trays of rice, waiting to be planted in the fields.