Summer time jobs – Part II

Cuttin’ gutters.  Along with the weed whacking, in the summer we need to cut gutters into the mud of the rice fields.  Unlike the weed whacking, though, this is a one-time job.

Why gutters?  Well, after it has grown a bit, the rice doesn’t need as much water as it did at the beginning.  It’s the middle of the rainy season, so even though we’re not using the irrigation canals to fill the fields a lot of water ends up getting in.  The gutters help to channel that water from remote parts of the field down to the drainage areas in the corner of the fields.

The job also adds another machine to my growing list of “things I can use.”  The gutter maker:

This thing is pretty old.  But really, it doesn’t need to be modern…just a small motor, a wheel, and a wedge.  I take this machine and run it up and down the field, making a gutter every 10 rows or so.  Then you run one gutter around the outside of the field.  They looks like this:

You can kinda see in those pictures that there’s quite a bit of water and the mud is really wet.  After a day or two, provided it doesn’t rain, the mud begins to look like this:

There’s still some water in the gutter, but the mud is dryer.  And eventually even that gutter water will dry up.

Making the gutters is fun and is yet another way for me to walk around in the mud with my bare feet!

In other news, I’m getting business cards made.  Here’s what they’ll look like:

Kinda cool, eh?  On the back will be a qr code that folks can scan with their cell-phones to import my contact information.  Very convenient.  If you want to make your very own qr code, check out QR Code Generator.  Be aware, though that if you enter kanji into the fields for some reason Japanese cell-phones can’t read it right.  They garble the kanji and spit out Chinese characters.  Android phones, and I assume iPhones, have no problems with it.  If it’s all in romaji, the the Japanese phone has no problems.  QR codes are a great way to transmit info, though.  Anything from contact info to a website or even just a memo.  For example, if you scan the following qr code, you’ll go straight to our twitter site.

Fun with qr codes!

One thought on “Summer time jobs – Part II

  1. Nice Lional meshi.

    I’ve got some mini business cards I got from a trendy company called

    I chose random comical pics to back my information, including my two favourites:

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