How are things progressing

Now we’re kinda up to date with the goings on from when I started in March.  There have been some small things I’ve missed mentioning here and there, but hopefully I’ll keep this blog going for a couple years so I can cover that stuff in later posts.  But for now we’ve talked about the most important things I’ve done so far.

Let’s take a look at how the rice looks at various stages throughout its growth so far.  Back in May we planted the Koshihikari rice with the machines.  Right after planting they looked like this:

Mostly mud and water there, but you can see the small green shoots of rice.  So much potential.  I took that picture on May 3rd.  So, about a month later, the shoots look something like this:

You can still see the mud and water, but those little shoots have multiplied and have about 10 or so stalks where there used to be only 2 or 3.  A month later, things look like this:

Pretty much a wall of green.  Those little shoots are now a collection of rice stalks about 8 or 9 centimeters in diameter and standing about 50 or 60 centimeters high.  They won’t grow too much higher but the stalks will increase and the leaves of the rice will increase as well.  I’ve been told that a single baby shoot of rice will grow up to make a riceball’s worth of rice at harvest time.  I haven’t tested this theory, but come harvest I’ll let you know. 🙂

The organic fields have progressed in pretty much the same way.  Let’s take a look at those too.

All three of those photos are from the same organic field, the one growing the kuromai (black rice).  The other organic fields seem to be a bit more robust at this stage (I don’t know why, though they are a different kind of rice, hananomai):

Still, they all look pretty good and will be just fine come harvest time.

Change of subject…I was thinking the other day that the name of this blog is Confessions of a Rice Farmer and I’ve yet to give any confessions.  Mostly it’s just been me spouting of about my experiences with farming…whoopty doo!  Get to the confessions, you freak, I can hear you thinking.  Well, OK, here’s my first confession:

I don’t eat a lot of rice.

During a normal week there will often be several days where I don’t eat rice at any meal.  Don’t know why.  It’s not that I don’t like rice.  I like it quite a lot and the rice we make here on Sado is super delicious.  (I used to be one of those folks that thought all rice tasted the same.  But after years of eating Sado grown rice, it’s hard going to other places in Japan and eating their sub-par tasting rice.)  I have a rice cooker and I know how to use it.  I think it’s just cause I’m a lazy man and tend to eat a lot of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and spaghetti when I’m left to my own devices.

My partner’s wife, Molly, has suggested that I use this blog to start documenting experiments in rice-ball (in Japanese we call it onigiri, which is what I will call it from now on) ingredients.  Onigiri that you can buy in the store usually comes with the same ingredients (salmon or tuna/mayo or pickled plum or seaweed), and Molly suggested that I try out some new ingredients and post my experiences here.  I think I might try that.

So, first up on the Onigiri experiment list: peanut-butter Onigiri.  I’ll make some tonight and let you know how it goes tomorrow!

One thought on “How are things progressing

  1. Hi brother-in-law,

    Your mom showed me the link to your blog. Now I’m debating whether on not to show it to Andy because if I do, you might have a long-term visitor show up on your doorstep. As soon as your mom said “organic rice farm” I think Andy’s been trying to plot a way to get there.

    Hope all is well! Love the pictures. We currently have a little garden going at our condo but I wouldn’t be surprised if I showed this step-by-step to Andy and I came home one day from work to a paddy in our yard.


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