Fell off the wagon, blogging wise.

I just beat the 1 month mark on this post.  I apologize for my tardiness.

It’s just that for the last month it’s been days of same-old, same-old dotted with a day or two of something interesting.  And usually after that something interesting I’m a little too tired to post something about it, and then I’ll forget about it later.

So I hope I can catch you up on some of the stuff.

First a couple of pictures of the organic rice fields, so you can contrast with the pictures in previous posts.

As you can see in the above two pics, which were taken on the 5th of August, the organic rice is growing nice and tall.  Actually all of the rice is growing rather tall, and it seems like it yellowing pretty fast.  Once the leaves turn yellow, then it’s time to harvest.  This year I think we’ll be starting the harvest a couple weeks early.  Don’t really know why.  Maybe it’s because of the lack of rain.  In that last picture you can see the rice seeds.

On the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of August, Daruma An had a booth in the Harbor Market area of the Earth Celebration in Ogi.  We were making sushi-rolls using our rice and veggies that we’d grown ourselves.  Our roll was a sheet of dried sea-weed, a layer of rice, some miso, a couple slices of cooked squid, a little mayo, some lettuce, and some sesame seeds sprinkled over top.  Then your roll that up like a roll-cake.  It was very delicious.  Here’s a pic of our booth.

On the second day of the EC, the local superheros showed up.  On the left is Sadogashi-Man and on the right is the aptly named Sadogashi-Man Blue.

The EC was a pretty good time.  People seemed to like our sushi rolls, we sold a couple bags of rice, and talked to a lot of interesting people.  We’re looking forward to doing it again next year.

Finally, this past month I got around to making a web-page for Daruma An Farms.  With a lot of help from a friend of ours, Charles “T-Rex” Montgomery, here on Sado and some studying on my part, I think it’s looking pretty good.  It’s just a basic site right now, but we’re slowly working on some content for the various pages and hopefully will have a shopping page where you can buy our rice (if you live in Japan).

That’s pretty much it.  Things are looking to rev up here in the next few weeks as we prepare for harvest.  Also, I need to add another entry in New Ideas in Onigiri.  Look for that in the coming week. 😉

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