Random Non-farming Thoughts

This isn’t really a farming post because today I did no farming.  It’s been rainy as of late and that means that there isn’t much to do.  In my last post I was saying that we were getting ready to harvest, well we’re ready, but the weather isn’t ready.  Not only does rain mean that there’s not much farming to do, but it also means that we have to wait a bit once the rain does stop for the fields to dry out.  The combine is OK is a little bit of mud, but too much can cause problems.  So we’re just waiting for now.

Anyway, to the point of this post.

You ever have one of those days that feels great cause a bunch of small things went right?  Not one huge awesome thing, but a lot of little things that by themselves would be nothing to get excited about.  I’m having one of those days, and I thought I would write about it this evening while I’m kicking back with a couple of Yebisu Asuka Cruise beers (it’s a special limited edition blend that Yebisu is selling right now).

To start off, the day didn’t look to be a good one.  It was raining, and I felt sick.  Have had a one of those colds that can’t make up its mind whether it wants to go “full on cold” or just “a slight case of the sniffles.”  Even though those things, taken individually, would suck, the fact that they happened together on the same day means that I’m killing two birds with one stone–rainy day = no work, and sick day = no work, so rainy day and sick day = awesome.

Next, I deposited some money into my account to pay off my small car loan.  Not a big thing, but after depositing the money I still have plenty of dough to get me through to the end of October.  Good.  Then I headed over to Musashi to pick up some cat-food, and what do I see as I’m browsing but the limited edition of Yebisu’s Asuka Cruise beer.  Don’t mind if I do.

Then, I headed over to Joshin and Off-House (the former is the local electronics store…think Best-Buy, but more expensive…and the latter is a 2nd-hand shop that offers all kinds of stuff).  I need a new printer, and because I’m a cheapskate (I must have some Scottish blood in me) I don’t want to pony up for a new one.  So it’s the 2nd hand shop for me.  But, oh noes, the printer I saw for cheap the other day is gone, and a dodgy looking printer has taken its place.  Well, let’s head over to Joshin and see if they carry the ink for the dodgy looking printer.  No they don’t.  But they do have an HP B209a for more than half off it’s sticker price.  Again, don’t mind if I do!

So now, I’m heading home with a sixer of Yebisu and a new printer.  The new printer is great cause it’s wireless, which means that I don’t need my 8 year old computer running XP to be the gateway to the printer (like the old printer).  As I’m dismantling the POS computer, though, I have an idea…why don’t I try and see if my old HTPC computer parts (Naoko and I bought a new TV/HDD recorder/HTPC last week) will fit in the case of the POS.  The HTPC’s power supply went kaputskies, which is why we bought a new one, but I can cannibalize the power supply and case, and then transfer the guts of the HTPC into the bigger case.  That way, I can give the new-old computer to my friend/boss Nabe.  They have an even more outdated computer at their house…and it’s a laptop, which is even worse (by worse, I mean slow as molasses).

So, after getting my new printer set-up (which went without a hitch…more small, good things) I turned my attention to my joy-of-joys, assembling computers from their component parts.  For those wondering at home…with a good online guide and a little advice from a knowledgeable friend, building your own computer is not as hard as it sounds and it can save you a good amount of cash.  After an hour or so of tinkering…pin-pon, computer works just fine.  Hello, new computer for the Watanabes.

Add to this day getting XP Mode working on my main Windows 7 computer (hello, making Mini-discs and playing Starcraft and Alpha Centauri….gamer nerd…which, apart from the old printer, were the reason I kept the POS computer around), cleaning up the kitchen and getting my laundry done, and transferring my netbook seedbox (if you don’t know what that is, I’m not going to explain it here) to a physical internet connection rather than WiFi, then you have the makings of a great little day.  Except for the cold, which now thinks it maybe wants to be a sinus infection.

Next post, I’ll get back to farming (as long as the rain lets up) or I’ll actually do my New Ideas in Onigiri post that I’ve been threatening to do.

One thought on “Random Non-farming Thoughts

  1. Hey Matt, it’s not Scottish blood in you that turns you cheap, it’s Scottish pish, which after a sixer of Yebisu (man I miss that stuff), you’ll be full of.

    What a feel good post, you are sounding well old chum, despite the cold.


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