Two days in a row? No way!

No smack up-side the head for anyone this time!  Though I’m sure I’ll offer the chance again in the future.

Not much to write about today, really.  There are just a couple things I wanted to talk about, and since this a blog I have that right.  🙂

I mentioned in one of my first posts, and I have a link to them on the side-bar, that I listen to a lot of courses from The Teaching Company.  And today was one of those TTC days since I was driving the tractor up and down, up and down, up and down the fields at a leisurely 2km an hour pace.  Today’s lectures were from the course Argumentation: The Study of Effective Reasoning.  Before I came to Japan, I taught Freshman Composition for a year at NC State, and during the course of teaching that year I got a pretty good handle on writing and understanding various forms of argument.  But since I’ve come to Japan, I tend to just read news and discussions on the internet and don’t do much writing, and so my skills at arguing have atrophied (I feel).  I figured this course would be a good one to refresh my thinking a bit.  So far it’s been pretty interesting and, like most TTC courses, the professor makes it really easy to listen to.  I can’t recommend TTC courses highly enough if you have points in your life where you have long times of monotony (driving, work, whatever) and you need something interesting to listen to.

Second, been reading a bit from an author I really like–John Scalzi’s Whatever.  A few years ago I read his debut novel, Old Man’s War, and really really liked it.  Since then I’ve read a few other of his books and writings, the most recent being The God Engines, and I really dig this guy’s style of writing.  Also, he’s one of the few authors who, once I read a bit more about him or read more of his non-novel writing and opinions, I like even more.  This is no Dan Simmons or Orson Scott Card.  Anyway, if you’re into sci-fi and haven’t read any of Scalzi’s works, I highly recommend picking up Old Man’s War as a starter.

What else?  Well, uh, that’s about it.  Not much of a farming entry today.  We’ll see what the next entry brings!

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