A Couple Things

This blog post is going to be a little short in that I recently sprained (maybe broke, but probably just sprained) my hand playing basketball and typing is not as easy as it usually is.

I’ve talked a bit about our growing kuromai rice (black rice), but I’ve not posted a pic of it.  So here’s that:

We harvested about 4 or 5 30kg bags of this.  That’s not a lot, compared with the white rice, but you don’t eat the black rice the same way as white.  I guess you could, but I haven’t tried it yet.  Usually you just mix a tablespoon or so of it in with a batch of white rice.  It’ll turn the rice purple once it’s cooked and give the rice a more grainy taste.

And now for something completely different…  I present to you sushi from one of Sado’s conveyor-belt sushi restaurants:

Whoever thought up this design for the sushi is genius.