Hanging head in shame…so long since the last post

I don’t even want to look at the date on the last post because it will make me feel even more guilty than I already feel for not updating the blog.

Another season has come and gone without even a peep here at Confessions. I have been Tweeting about it, but that’s not much consolation to those who don’t use Twitter or don’t know my handle there (@mwdowns, for those so inclined). However, I am back now and have a few pictures to post. 🙂

This past week we finally finished all of our harvesting and shucking and bagging. So for the rest of the year we’ll be filling orders and cleaning up the equipment for next year. Haven’t decided on a winter project just yet, but I am thinking of heading to Thailand to do a farm-stay for a couple weeks. Once I know for sure, I’ll let y’all in on the details.

We had a bunch of help from the local ALTs here on Sado when we were harvesting our organic rice. We did a full day of cutting and hanging!

Also we’ve updated our website (www.daruma-an.com) and our packaging.

Hopefully I can be a little more active in my posts from now on.