Site Update and Other Stuff

Ugh! I am not a good html coder, and yet I try my hardest at the Daruma An Website. Meaning, I spent the day updating the Daruma An website. The English section has this year’s offerings and prices, while the Japanese section has the prices, but I’m still waiting on the blurbs for the offerings from my boss. I’m sure he’s hunting and pecking away as I type this. 😀

So, yeah, the site is not that pretty. Like I said, I’m not the best html coder. Every time I sit down and work with the various pages and css sheets and photos it feels like I’m having to learn html all over again. Which, actually, is what happens. I update the site maybe once a year, and so all that neat html info I learned during the last update has since left my brain. We really should just pay a professional to do our site for us. But when we talk about it, I always (stupidly) say, “no, no, I can do it.”

Whenever I finish with the html work, though, I’m always surprisingly satisfied with the new knowledge I gain and want to continue, but other work seems to intrude way too soon and learning more html gets pushed to the back burner. Maybe this time will be different. We really need to figure out how to get some sort of online-shop working so folks can just order directly off the site rather than having to download the pdf and either fax it to us or send us an email.

Enough with the html lament. One question I’ve gotten a couple times over the past month from folks who’ve read this blog (a low low low number, mind) is “how did the composting go?” Last winter I went to Thailand for a farm-stay and when i came back wanted to try the 18-Day Composting technique I’d learned while there. I posted about a home-brew adaptation of the technique I was trying using rice straw and kome-nuka (rice shavings).

So, how’d it go? Well, it went OK, but not as well as things in Thailand. All of the fault lies with yours truly, I think, rather than with the technique. An 18-day compost requires constant supervision over the course of those 18 days, and I did not give it that. We made the piles at my boss’s house and since I wasn’t over there all the time, there were spans of days where I did not get to turn it over when I should have. What happened was that the pile would get too hot and burn itself out. All was not lost, though, cause we were able to mix in the burned out piles with new compost heaps and try again. The dirt we ended up with turned out pretty nice and we used it to re-plant some of the blueberry bushes we had around my boss’s house and also to grow some hops. The hops didn’t work this year; we planted too late. But we’ll trim the bines down over winter and next year they should be great.

Random thought to leave you with: I think I’ve finally gotten over my habit of typing 2 spaces after a period. Damn that habit was hard to get over…thanks for nothing, highschool typing class!