Views on Basic Income

Just a short post. I think this might be a way that I can get myself to post more to this blog. In the past I had this feeling that each post should be on the longish side, and so when I had an idea to write something I’d wait and wait until I felt I had “enough to say” to make a post. We see how well that worked (looks at last post…2012).

I support a basic income for all people over the age of 18. My idea, and I’ve either come up with this on my own (unlikely) or co-opted various things I’ve read over the years on this subject (most likely), is that that basic income should be $30,000US. If you work, the basic income makes up the difference between your wage and the 30,000.

And with that basic income, there should be a maximum income. I put this at $3,000,000US. There is no person on this earth that works 100% harder than any other person on this earth. There is no reason that one person should ever need more than 100% than any other person on this earth. Anything over the maximum is taxed and used to support (among other things) the basic income.

Most people will consider this insane. Maybe. I think we live in an really insane time.