New Year’s Resolutions…something, something

There was an article I read recently talking about New Year’s Resolutions and how ultimately they tend to be harmful for most people given that a small percentage of people who make the resolutions end up following through on them. In fact most people abandon them within a few weeks of making the resolution. Thus making a New Year’s Resolution a thing creates a constant reminder of your failure throughout the year. I can see this from experience with my resolutions of the past.

Also, the resolution being a year long thing makes it a bit too big to chew for most people. You tend to do one of two things: despair at how big it is and convince yourself that you can’t do it or think that you have plenty of time to work on it and put it off and put it off until it’s too late. Or you do both of those two things, like I usually do. 🙂

Advice I’ve heard and read about New Year’s Resolutions usually goes something along the lines of make it smaller an more manageable. Another new bit of advice I read was rather than make it one big, nebulous thing you’re going to do, like “learn more Japanese” or “teach myself programming,” instead try to work on creating a habit that can eventually help you achieve the long term goal.

So, in the spirit of the season here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

First, I want to try and write more. I’m going to try and set aside a bit of time one weekdays and write 200 to 500 words. This can be a blog post, such as this, or working on fiction or whatever. But 200 to 500 words at least.

Second, I’m going to try and be on time to things. I am not a chronically late person, but I have noticed this past year that I’m starting to slip up and be late to things. I was just about to write “never to anything important like a meeting or such” but then realized that, really, being late to anything is rude and that the time I was for the person waiting is important.

A little bit of writing each day and being on time to things. I think these are doable.

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