Addendum to wanting to be a writer

In looking back over my post from a few days ago about wanting to be a writer, I realize that I might have come off as thinking that being a writer is easy. I do not think that at all. I know it from experience. My thesis for my MA was slowly wrung out of me day by torturous day, word by agonizing word over the course of the Spring of 2002.

Very rarely has anything I’ve ever written come easily. One of the rare occasions being my bit of Rocket League fan-fiction (I know…I know…why are you looking at me like that?!) that got published over at the Gamers With Jobs site: Herman’s Last Game. For some reason after a bit of brainstorming and very little outlining, that bit of fancy poured itself onto the screen in one sitting. I have the oddest Muse.

So, yeah, I have the utmost respect for writers and I think what they do is very hard work.

Today’s bit of writing is one that is not coming easily for me. I was thinking of not doing a blog post and trying to write a bit about this idea I’d had recently for a short story, but I figured that for this first week it would probably be best for me to stick to blog posts so that my readers (hahahahahaha…*catches breath*…hahahaha!) can hold me to account for keeping up with my plan for the year.

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