As an expat I feel like I’m hyper-aware of the gun problem in America. For the last year there was at least one mass shooting every week. You’ve got gun nuts walking around carrying semi-automatic weapons in places with open-carry laws in order to…uh…make a statement, something something. There are these wackos up in Oregon doing whatever it is they’re doing for…uh…reasons. This stuff ends up on the news here, and then I get asked about it by locals or expats from countries with sane gun-control laws. My only answer is to shrug my shoulders and answer with “I have no idea what’s wrong with these people.”

It’s insane.

So, in the spirit of the news of the day being Obama’s announcement about gun control executive action, here’s my take. Yes, I know, a hot take from some nobody in a remote corner of the internet. The world is gonna be set on fire with this! 😀

Why is there no push to insure guns the same way we do cars? Have a gun? Register the thing. Insure the thing. Pay the insurance. If you cause someone harm with the gun, you are liable. Have more than one gun? You have to get insurance for each and every one. Own one of those semi-auto AR-51 type guns that are only used to shoot people? Insurance is higher. Hunting rifle? Insurance is lower. Handgun? Higher.

I don’t know. It just seems logical to me and I have no idea why we don’t do something like this. Banning guns is not feasible. The amount of guns in circulation is staggering and a ban would just create a lot of unnecessary friction from gun owners. I just don’t see a decent argument against having to insure your guns.


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