So Close To Greatness

I thought that tonight was maybe going to be the night. I’ve been working on things all day today and haven’t given much thought about anything other than what I was working on at the time, and I saw my little “writer helper” alarm go off an hour ago and thought welp, I got nothin’. I was sure I would skip tonight’s blog.

Yet. I sat down at the computer, beer in hand, and figured what the hell. I got nothing better to do than try to type out a few hundred words to the one (haha!…yeah, right!) reader of my blog. I am the one reader of my blog.

I’m gonna cheat a little, I guess, and tell a story that I thought was kinda funny and told over Twitter. But over Twitter is tough cause of the character limit, so I can explain it a bit more here.

Yesterday…or was it the day before yesterday…who cares…yesterday I was looking through my folder of short stories (that’s a generous title in that most of the files in there are incomplete fragments of stories, some dating back to my junior year in college) looking for a starter to a story that I was sure I had written a couple years ago. I’d been revisiting the idea lately and thought I might like to give it another crack. It wasn’t there, but as I was looking at some of the suspects I came across this weird story, file named “the school.” It was a strange, but funny story. And I had no memory of writing it. But in reading it, I keep feeling like this is something that I could write. I have a couple of strange stories that I’ve written here and there and I think I can be pretty funny at times. The more I looked over it, the more I started to convince myself that yeah, maybe I did write it. So, I started going over it a bit more and making a couple edits here and there, fixing some funny punctuation and word choices.

But there were a couple things in it that I had no idea about. A couple of the names and this mention of, what turned out to be, a grocery stores in the New York area. I’ve never been to New York. I’d never heard of this store. Hmmm. So, I copied the first line of the story into Google.

Donald Barthelme. “The School“. Dammit. Well, if you’re gonna steal something, steal from one of the greats, eh? 😀

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