I was on a podcast earlier this evening. It was an inaugural as yet unnamed podcast from a couple of folks living in Tokyo. I’ll be sure to post a link to it here when it posts. They interviewed me about living on Sado and my life as a farmer here. Was really interesting doing it, but I fear how my voice sounds. And after thinking about it a bit more I wonder if a couple of things I didn’t really clarify. We’ll see.

It’s funny, but for the longest time I didn’t really get into podcasts because I was annoyed by the name. I never had an iPod back in the day, and still don’t have one now. Back then it was cause they were a bit out of my price range, but as time went on I became a bit more invested in the non-iTunes music ecosystem and then with smartphones I’ve gone with Android phones, so at this point migrating over to the Apple-verse would be a pain and I just stick with non-Apple stuff. But, back then my annoyance was because of a stupid thing about “why do they call them podcasts when not everyone uses iPods…geez!” I often can be a bit of a douchebag.

I overcame my douchebaggery around the time that I started spending lots of time driving a tractor really really slowly up and down rice paddies. My gateway drug into podcasts was lectures on tape (or mp3 for the digital age) from The Great Courses, but when I realized that there were a lot of cool podcasts out there for free*, I never looked back! You can get your history with stuff like The History of Rome, Hardcore History, the Egyptian History Podcast. Comedy with My Brother My Brother and Me or The Flophouse. Or things like Welcome to Night Vale or The Gamers With Jobs Conference Call. Basically anything you might be interested in, there’s probably a podcast for it. I love them. I wish I had to drive the tractor more so that I could listen more!

*-I realize that you can support a lot of podcasts through PayPal or Patreons, and I do. Don’t worry. I’m not a total freeloader. 😉

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