Frustration With Mobile Devices

My Sony Xperia Z1f that I got a little less than 2 years ago is going kaputskies. Specifically the battery. It won’t charge more than about 60 percent or so, and then if it is charging and gets to its arbitrary “I’m not going to charge any more than this” point, it turns on the screen and just sits there, draining the battery back down. It is extremely frustrating.

More so because this phone is similar to the iPhone in that you can’t get into its innards and fix things yourself. My old phone as Samsung Galaxy S2 could pop off its back cover so you could change the battery or whatever. Not so for the Sony. To get this fixed I’d have to go to the Docomo store or possibly send it back to Sony. And they’d probably end up charging me premium prices for parts and labor. I should have never bought Sony. Never buy Sony.

Doubly more so because I am planning on heading back to the United States this coming summer. My contract with Docomo ends in March and I was hoping to just wait out this phone for the remainder of my time here, getting a monthly contract that I could cancel without any outrageous fees before I lift.

So, now I’m faced with the dilemma of toughing out this battery problem, which might get worse and worse to the point that it only holds 10 or 20 percent charges, or look for a cheap replacement sim-free phone.

Dammit. I did not need this right now.

Never buy Sony. Fuck those guys.

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