I thought when I started this thing, that I would take a bit of the day and think of something to write about way ahead of the time that I write it. You see, I’ve got this writing timer app thing on my phone and I’ve designated 7:30 pm as my writing time. The writing I’ve done in the past has always come at the end of a long period of “thinking” about what I’m gonna writing before actually putting words on paper. I put thinking in quotes there, cause really it’s mostly just procrastination. So, I figured that I’d have a lot of thinking time before 7:30 rolls around and then knock something out real quick.

Instead, so far, I’ve tended to not really think about anything in particular and sometimes forget that I have to write at all and then be surprised when the alarm goes off. Thus the topics have been kind of inconsequential and similar (I have written a bunch of times so far on writing…much like this topic). Not important, I guess, since the whole exercise is to create a habit for just writing. And, the more I think about it, it’s better for me because it will hopefully teach me that I don’t have to have whatever it is I want to write spring, fully formed, from my forehead. That path of thinking leads to more procrastination.

The weather’s turned bad here on Sado, and what that means for me is that I try to stay put in one room and keep that room as warm as possible. I hate the cold, so this makes it really hard for me to get anything done that would require me to leave my little area of warmth. And I have a lot to do. Most important, I really need to start packing up things I can send home by sea mail (which takes about 2 months for delivery) and going through stuff that I won’t be sending home and trash it or give it away.

But, with the cold and my room of warmth in effect today, I sat inside and binge watched the first 6 episodes of The Expanse. Productive.

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