WW2 Documentaries and Annoucement

I’ve made this joke elsewhere, but I figure I can recycle it here: I think I inherited from my father the inability to turn down watching a World War II documentary. Seriously, tell me it’s about WW2 and I’m gonna watch it. I’m not even that in to the history. That’s my father’s domain. I’m more into ancient history. But show me that black and white footage, and I can’t say no. The most current culprit is The War. It’s interesting with this one that there is a good focus on some of the hypocrisy in regards to race that was part of the US at the time (and still is), that is the segregation of black soldiers or the internment of Japanese United States citizens.

Oh, yeah, so that podcast I said I was on last week? Well, they released the episode. You can listen to it here, the podcast is called You’re Not From Around Here. I think it turned out alright. It’s still very weird hearing my voice. One of the hosts and I did a little dry run of the questions a few days earlier, and he sent me the audio file and my voice sounded even weirder on that file. Maybe they did a little autotuning or something to make me not sound so weird. 🙂

It was an interesting experience. I feel that maybe I didn’t really convey what a nice place Sado is. I am truly sad that I’m going to be leaving this coming summer.

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