Carry Around a Notebook, They Say

Arrrgh! I had it. It was an interesting topic. I had a couple of ideas on where I could go with it. I had today’s writing in the bag! And then I was distracted by something. Maybe it was the water boiling for my morning coffee. Maybe it was one of the cats jumping up on the counter, sniffing around my yogurt, that needed to be shoo-ed away. Or, was it the laundry that needed to be put in the washer and started? I can’t remember. But whatever it was, it set off a series of events that eventually lead to the point in the day where I remembered that I had a good idea, but I can’t remember what that idea was.

I do this a lot. Everyone does, I think, but I feel like I do it more than most. And because I feel like I do it more than most, I often follow the advice given to folks like me to carry a notebook around and write down these fleeting ideas. I follow this advice so much that I have a lot of notebooks scattered throughout my life with the first couple of pages filled with writing, the rest empty. There’s one on my desk in front of me. It’s got a whole lot of pages. They’re mostly blank. The pages that do have something on them are filled with numbers (I’ve forgot what for) or passwords I needed to jot down and then change or “things to do” lists (with only one or two of the things checked off). There’s one in my car. I know for a fact that it only has one page written on, but I can’t tell you what it is off the top of my head. I bought that one a month ago. I used to have one next to my bed. Don’t know where it disappeared to.

It’s good advice, keeping a notebook. Wish I could follow it.

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