Vignettes, Story Starters, and XCOM 2

Oh, my little vignette story starter from last week. How neglected you look just sitting there and confusing folks. 🙂

Not sure exactly why it was I decided to just leave it there without following it up the next day, but it’s there. I will post more, I hope, once I work on it .

Meanwhile, the bulk of my free time lately has been taken up by the release of the strategy game, XCOM 2. It’s shameful the amount of time I’ve put into this. Do not look at my Steam profile to see the hours I’ve put in! Shameful!

But so darn fun.

One of my friends also has it and has spent a bulk of their time not even playing the game, but using the robust in-game character creator to make likeness of their friends for the game to use. I’ve done the same, but not on that scale. Makes gameplay much more immersive when it’s your buddy that’s leading a squad of troops against an occupying alien force. And it makes it that much more devastating when they end up being a casualty due to a bonehead tactical move on my part (which happens quite a lot…the bonehead move, that is…sometimes the luck of the draw saves a soldier).

The lesson of today’s post: go get XCOM 2. You will not be disappointed!


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