Again. It’s been a while. And a lot of things have changed.

I should probably change the title of this blog, since I’m technically no longer a rice farmer. Or maybe I am, but just not a practicing rice farmer anymore. Last year in July I moved back to Atlanta, GA from Sado Island to start a course at DigitalCrafts to learn web development. After the course finished I ended up getting a job at Triton Digital and a junior web developer. Then they decided to close their Atlanta office and I was out of a job.

Move, new studies, new career, unemployed within the course of a year. That was fast.

Now here I am writing confessions, but not about rice farming anymore.

It’s been 3 months now job searching and I am beginning to despair. The whole reason I went to DigitalCrafts in the first place was because I’d tried a few times over the years to teach myself programming and it never took. I do not do well teaching myself. I learn better in an environment where I have a teacher or mentor helping me out. I had that at DigitalCrafts and for a bit at Triton Digital. Now I am floundering around and it is affecting my job search.

You see, the tech industry likes to see examples of your work. There’s a popular service called GitHub where you can upload your work and keep track of what you’ve done. Companies use this service as version control (i.e. you write a program, change a program, realize the change messed something up, and revert back to the original program) but individuals can use it to keep track of their own code and projects. And it’s easy to go a person’s profile on GitHub and see what they’ve been up to. When looking for a job it’s great to be able to send a profile link to your prospective employer with examples of what you can do.

At DigitalCrafts, while I was learning, I had a steady stream of new projects and examples of the work I did. While at Triton Digital I had the same (though the actual code is private, you can see where I was contributing). Since losing that job, however, my output has been sporadic. This is not good and I don’t feel very good about it. I am adrift and without motivation. Without something to show it’s harder to get a job, but without a job I just can’t seem to make myself sit down and code anything.

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